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    Experience magnificent 2K footage


    The 2K Ultra HD camera pans 355°for All-Round protection and leave no blind spot.


    Installation requires: Outlet within 1.5m. If the power outlet is far away, you'll need an extension cable.

    Two-Way Audio

    Communicate via the phone

    IP65 Weatherproof

    Ensures non-stop protection in bad weather.

    Color Night-vision

    Detailed full-color recording with the floodlight.

    No false alerts

    Accurate human recognition day & night.

    Monitor and track every direction

    The outdoor security camera tracks humman 355°.

    Cloud & Local storage

    Rraycom wifi camera supports Micro SD and Cloud storage.


    Your privacy is our priority


    Your videos are secured stored in the cloud and only you and shared users can access.You have fully control of your privacy.