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    SecureGuard Coverage

    SecureGuard Coverage

    For just $1 per camera, you can now protect your investment with our comprehensive insurance plan.

    What's included:

    Replacement Guarantee: In case of accidental damage, we provide a refurbished replacement camera to ensure your security needs are met.
    How it works:

    Purchase one insurance plan for each security camera you own.
    Each insurance plan is valid for one year from the date of purchase.
    Coverage is applicable for accidental damages under normal usage conditions only.

    Please note:

    Each insurance plan is valid for one camera only and cannot be transferred between devices.
    The insurance service does not cover damages caused by natural disasters, unauthorized repairs or modifications, theft, or loss of the camera.
    Customers must provide proof of purchase for the camera when buying the insurance.
    Normal wear and tear of the camera is not covered under the insurance.
    Secure your peace of mind with "SecureGuard Coverage" today!

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